Product Division
Athleisure & Clothing

The group is singularly focused on designing comfortable, technical products which make the consumer feel good when wearing their brands. The ever changing market of how we live and interact has given rise to athleisure becoming more than just a way of life. Its where connected communities of like-minded individuals want comfortable, functional and sustainable garments and are fanatical about fit.

Our apparel offering consists of seamless training styles in women’s wear,
with sculpting and contouring abilities extenuating the feminine form.
The cross selection of product can service high intensity to low
intensity training or simply completing your on trend look for the day.
The Athleisure assortment for men’s and women’s wear offers ultimate comfort and style,
fit for any workout or rest day, and has luxuriously soft fabrications and premium fits.
All fabrications have technical capabilities on offer from moisture wicking to breathability for ultimate performance.

Gold’s Gym clothing features classic designs from the golden age of bodybuilding reimagined.
Including a range of stringers and gym t-shirts made famous by the man who helped to bring
bodybuilding into the mainstream, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Evolution Group is the global licensee for Gold’s Gym clothing.